Why you Should see a Chiropractor

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you may not see why it is necessary. Anybody can improve their body with chiropractic care, whether you’re a senior citizen with back pain or an athlete trying to enhance performance. You also don’t need to experience ongoing back pain to visit a chiropractor, which is a common misconception.

Chiropractic is a type of complementary and alternative medicine, which means you can try out a chiropractor as well as taking conventional medication for your symptoms. This type of alternative medicine involves the manipulation of the spine and other manual therapy techniques to realign the body – which can relieve pain and reduce symptoms of other conditions.

Here are reasons to see your local chiropractor

\"image Prevention

The chiropractic health profession deals with treatment and prevention of mechanical dysfunction of the joints, especially the spine. The repetitive use of limbs, bad posture or ageing can cause irritation of the nerves and result in back pain, neck pain or headaches. Even if you don’t often experience pain, seeing a chiropractor can prevent these problems occurring in the first place by adjusting and stimulating the joints.

When Medication No Longer Works

If you’re suffering from an injury such as whiplash or chronic pain, you’ve probably been given lots of pain killers and other medication from your doctor. There may come a time when the medicine no longer relieves the pain, or you want to stop taking so much medication. As an alternative therapy, chiropractic is a manual way of relieving pain and correcting the dysfunctions in the body. A chiropractor can work alongside your GP to arrange blood tests and X-rays to decide on the best treatment plan for your condition.

Improve Posture\"image

Lots of us suffer from bad posture – often a result of our professions. Poor posture or incorrect function of the spine can have a negative effect on the spine and nervous system – which could cause other health conditions. A chiropractor can use their hands to manipulate the joints back into the correct place and offer advice for improving posture in your daily routine.

Improve Sports Performance

Athletes or keen sports enthusiasts need to look after their bodies, and chiropractic treatment is often a part of their health checks. It looks after the joints to prevent injury and keep them in prime condition.

Get Better Sleep

Are those niggles and twinges stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep? Aches, pains and stress can affect your sleep routine and unfortunately it’s a vicious cycle which can seem never ending. Visiting a chiropractor to realign the body and identify the cause of back or neck pain can result in better sleep, which will improve overall health and wellness. Sometimes your preferred sleep position could actually be contributing to the problem. A chiropractor can offer advice for pain-free sleep as well as adjusting the spine to increase range of movement and reduce stiffness.

Treat Headaches

Did you know that certain headaches can be caused by neck pain? If you have tension in the neck or base of your skull, this can lead to painful headaches and releasing this tension could solve the issue of recurring headaches. A chiropractor can assess your symptoms and if they think chiropractic care could help, they can recommend a treatment option.

Look After Your Mental Health

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, and treatment from your GP has been unsuccessful or only works for a short period of time, your mental health could be at risk. There seems to be a connection between the brain and how we deal with pain, and emotional factors can make the pain worse or prolong it. For example, feeling anxious or stressed can worsen the symptoms of back pain, and ongoing (chronic) back pain can lead to depression as it has a negative impact on everyday life. If you feel you have a lack of support from your employer or medical practitioner, this can also make the condition worse rather than better.

By visiting a chiropractor, you are taking active steps to seek out professional help and try a new way of relieving the pain. Chiropractic adjustments can give instant, if temporary, relief for lower back pain and neck pain, and a long term treatment plan can be established to gradually improve chronic pain.

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